Saturday, February 10, 2007

The American Dream of Home Ownership

David Pogorelc, the principal of Core Investments Inc., has been promoting America and the American dream of home ownership for the past two decades. If you had a cup of coffee with him he would tell you “We live in the greatest country in the world! Where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our constitutional inheritance. We have the freedom to make choices and live
the American dream of home ownership.”

Dave Pogorelc has successfully developed, revitalized and renovated many Back Bay and Beacon Hill buildings employing contractors, masons, artisians, painters, landscapers in historically reviving old mansions, creating condominiums for first-time homeowners. Dave has great admiration and appreciation for the history of our country and our Founding Fathers. Dave is a great admirer of Abraham Lincoln and the civil rights movements of the past two centuries.

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